Essie Golden’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

” We have not because we ASK NOT”


Essie Golden a body conscious advocate, blogger, model and curator of #GoldenConfidence is a woman that I followed on Instagram for many months before I  mustered up the confidence (no pun intended lol ) to just contact her.

Whats the worst that can happen, Right?

I saw that she was planning a pool party so I dm’ed her to wish her much success and offer my assistance if needed. Just a few days later, I was coordinating NYC ‘s  1st ever  roof top plus size body confidence pool party!

Golden was so pleased with the outcome of the party that she called me back to coordinate her Essie Golden’s Golden Confidence Ugly Sweater Holiday Party sponsored by both Ashley Stewart  and Macy’s!

Buy your tickets here!


So blessed to have Essie as my client!

9fb9ea28-70a5-4afa-806f-1c3a9af45d41Cheers to the holidays


Cheers to being closer to your dreams!

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