Fuggedaboutit! 5 NYC Commuter Acts of Kindness


I live in Brooklyn and it’s VERY  seldom you hear or read stories about kind, welcoming,  or friendly New Yorkers,in fact there are loads of articles about the very opposite.

Huffington Post and  Time Out both compiled a list of jokes about New Yorkers in 2012 that over a million people read and shared!

I read these and laughed  because they are all so TRUE sad but true.

We are frustrated at the late and crowded trains

Angered by the cost of living rising by what feels like the blink of an eye

Annoyed by all the damn tourists…

I completely get it. More Work, Less Sleep, Same Money.

In a recent conversation with my partner, she came to the fact that an average New Yorker spends AT LEAST 4hrs a day traveling to and from work that’s  a flight  to Jamaica, West Indies or a road trip to see the Obamas in DC.


OF COURSE we are mean and angry but there’s always those moments when a commuter  surprises even me with their acts of kindness. These moments  may help you to Fuggedabout  all the other stuff you’ve heard… lol

1.      When a person offers another a swipe onto the train ( how could
this be against the law?)

2.      When young people give their seats to the elderly, pregnant woman
or disabled. (Yea I know this seems obvious and moral but I’ve also seen folk see an older person and play sleep or dead for that matter.  So I applaud when it does

3.      When the train conductor says “Stand clear of the closing doors
please” and a passenger proceeds to hold doors open for a running passenger. (There’s often exchange of words and smiles amongst strangers whom probably would have never talked in any other circumstance. I like that)

4.      When a woman with stroller is given  help down or up the stairs.
(She is always grateful, shoot babies are heavy!)

5.      When there is a weird occurrence on the train whether smelling person or someone doing weird things like falling deeply asleep almost laying on the passenger next to them and everyone in the car is kinda watching silently (or not so silently *chuckles*) then the person exits the train and everyone kinda lets out a laugh… No no no it’s not nice to laugh at people but it is nice to just laugh I think if we laughed on the train more, where we spend 1/6 of our day ANY WAY  we would be a happier city!



Don’t you think?


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