Thrift Without Borders: Puerto Rico

It’s fuchsia, fun and a jumper! Who doesn’t love jumpers? They are so easy!

On a trip to old San Juan last summer, due to great guidance from my Airbnb host, I found an amazing thrift shop steps away from the shore! Ever been thrifting in a bathing suit? lol

(#DeesNotes I MUST find a thrift shop EVERYWHERE I travel! You should too.)


Electroshock, filled with colorful rows of delight! Vibrant blouses and graphic tees, hand beaded bags and decor to die for! In the $1-$20 price range, mostly used, but also new and vintage clothing I had to take a further look.


With arms overflowing with at least 5 pieces I could NOT pass up this Dreams fuchsia jumper.



Now, let me just say I have not always been a fan of jumpers because I’m fun size lol  but I sew “so nothing a little needle and thread can’t fix” I thought. How could I pass this up for only $20!

I have paired it with a “Brooklyn”snap back and Gray Nikes.



 Sooooooo what do you think?

Do you go thrifting while on vacation? Share your looks and locations I’d love to visit!


Happy #Friyay

Peace & Positive Vibes





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