The Scoop on the Swap Shoot!

Uploading the flyer for my second swap, indeed caused a mixture of feelings; excitement, nervousness, humility etc. but what’s added the funnies to the mix is that all everyone keeps asking about is the photo on the flyer.


How was your shoe game?

Such beautiful brick, where were you?

What was your inspiration for outfit? Flyer?

Well here’s the inside scoop on the photo shoot!

Boat Hat: Thrifted $0.99

Linen Blazer: Thrifted $5.00

Salmon button up: Thrifted $1.96

Ralph Lauren Shorts: Thrifted $2.74

Nike Blazers: Gifted, eons ago

Location: Le BedStuy Fire Escape

Inspiration: During the process of creating my last swap flyer, I contemplated whether or not an image of me should be on it. I went back and forth and decided against it but soon after I realized why showing my face and style was vital to my brand. So this time around it had to be different.

So how do you give Summer vibes when New York is still 30-40 degrees?

Have a GREAT photographer. We shot and captured pieces that were aesthetically different  (as you can see here and here) but oozing with the energy of a Cool Summer in Brooklyn.

Comment if you agree!

“May the Thrift shop odds be ever in your favor.”

Peace & Positive Vibes

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