Unplugged in Paradise: Dominican Tree House Village

I traveled to Samana, D.R.  to stay in the Tropical Jungle… wait for it-  in a TREEHOUSE!

Always searching for an opportunity to unplug and unwind, I was elated when I stumbled upon this gem on LivingSocial– I immediately booked.

After a scenic 3 hour drive filled with mountains, wildlife and earth showers from Santa Domingo to Samana,  we finally arrived to the bumpy trail and welcoming staff that led us to Paradise.

There were a variety of spacious, family friendly and romantic tree houses to choose from-cabin to VIP suite, we stayed in a “Tree Top View” Tree house #15.


I opened the door and it was far more than I could ever have imagined.

Our room- comfy queen bed equipped with a fly net (which comes in hand), 2 hanging hammock chairs and beautifully draped red curtains in place of walls that allowed for us to experience the love music of the Jungle at night.


The hammocks were my favorite part- spent most of my time there… thinking, talking, snacking, laughing, listening.

Breakfast and dinner were served in the common tree house hut.

The bridge to get there…

Meals were buffet style with a variety of foods and fruit to choose from daily.

After dinner, the guests along with staff played interactive  games or sat by the fire. One night we played Spot It– so much fun for large groups! It gave us a chance to get to know the other visitors of the Village.

Zip Line and ATVs were our adventures of choice.

The Samaná Zip Line excursion began with a plank walk and a steep trail to the first of 11 lines and 10 stations. Boy, did I need water once I made it lol, but the hike was worth every sweat bead. The scenery from 1,000 feet high, above the trees- seemed to be so much closer to the sky.


On the 6 hour ATV Tour to Playa Rincon- I had many firsts. It was the first time I drove or rode  an ATV- not to mention in order to get to the beaches on the tour we had to drive on local streets that were greatly populated with speeding mopeds.

The gorgeous ride was filled with beautiful shades of Dominican people, hues blues of the ocean and sky, blowing trees of ranging heights, colorful homes of the locals and smiling waving babies.


“Playa Rincon”


         “Boca Del Diablo”

These photos really do no justice to the view.


Bike rides to El Valle Beach were sweet on the eyes and heart- the ten minute bike ride took us through a village of  homes where the residents and some tree house staff lived. On this beach is where we relaxed, played paddle ball and grabbed lunch at the infamous beach side restaurant “Emmas”.


Fresh, savory, delicious meals… lawd!



On our way back to the tree house we stopped at Casa Tipica, where we tasted rich Dominican coffee, chocolate and got to speak and laugh with locals. I definitely  brushed up on my Spanish out there, un poco.


Ever heard of Mamajuana ?!? Its a drink from the DR that is cultured by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. Too rich for my blood. We tried it on a visit to a local shop. One sip and I didn’t think I would be able to drive the ATV back to the tree house.


We learned how to make cocoa too.


“El Valle Beach”



“Playa Rincon”

     The Dominican Tree House Village thank you for the irreplaceable imprint you’ve made- Add it to your bucket list- ASAP!

Peace & Positive Vibes


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