Vintage Crawl with Pink Vintage Heart

Thrifting in Brooklyn is always a treat! This weekend, I took on Williamsburg, attending a Vintage Crawl with Leigh of Pink Vintage Heart. With her keen eye for vintage and her love of bringing people together, Leigh led myself and 4 other vintage lovers to 6 vintage shops all walking distance from each other… How cool is that?

I was so thrilled with my scores of the day from Awoke Vintage and The Bargain District.


The vibrant Awoke Vintage, located on North 5th, was filled with a meticulously curated selection of cashmere sweaters, stone washed denim, a BOGO rack of unique 80’s secretary blouses and new accessories. I nabbed a $10 pair of Bone colored Escada Tusko Straight Leg Pants that retail at Neiman Marcus for $495 that fit like a charm.


The Bargain District , located on  Driggs Avenue gave me all the good vibes and energy with clothing separated by style and era, what a amazing fashion treasure hunt. Monique, the owner was friendly, funny and provided 20% to us for being a part of the Vintage Crawl Sweet!

A fellow Crawl attendee found a gorgeous black waist-length fur coat on the sales rack for $25! I’m not a fur girl but after her trying it on and it not fitting her liking, as a group we decided SOMEONE had to leave the store with this gem. I quickly jumped on the opportunity and yes, it FIT! A small hole in the sleeve did not turn me away from this gorgeous coat which with 20% off ended up being $20!

Pays to go shopping with like-minded gals, LITERALLY!

Peace & Positive Vibes


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