Thrift-ED: 4 Ways to Shop Ethically

1. Thrift It-

The freedoms of creativity live right here on the endless racks of pre-loved pieces. By shopping secondhand you are making an environmentally conscious decision to save money and reduce apparel production/ waste. Who doesn’t love a fun thrift trip?

2. DIY It- 

Take a sewing class or binge watch Youtube, how ever you do it, know that you have the power to create your own unique staple pieces. Take your old stuff and revamp your entire wardrobe with a new and different twist.

3. Swap It- 

Host one with your friends, family, community or even your co-workers. (Did it at BET once, we had an amazing time!) Exchange your old favs for some new loves. It’s easy- find a location, set the time and other some must and snacks. If you need help- call me.

4. Recycle It- 

100% of clothing are recyclable. The average American discards 80 lbs of textile a year that ends up in the landfills as waste. More and more people are recycling their old attire, whether it’s through donation, thrift store shopping or textile composting. Some of the clothes get resold overseas. Some get sold to heavy industry as wiping rags. Others get shred as insulation or stuffing for couches and cars. Cool, right?

Check out the list of local groups recycling and compositing in the NY area.

Grow NYC



Peace & Positive Vibes

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