Reconstruct with Fashion Institute of Technology: Born Again Vintage

Ever find yourself in front of your very full closet and can not find a thing to wear? Or are you in search of new ways to wear what you already have?

Author of 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent, and Recycle Your Wardrobe and Founder of Born Again Vintage, Bridgette Artiste invited me to a two day course on Reconstruction that she teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She writes and teaches about creating sustainable fashion by “splicing together collectible garments that have been stained, torn, or banished from retail racks”.

The class was diverse filled with students of ranging ages, various styles and intentions- all sharing the space to create a new / revamped  wardrobe using what they already had. Each student was asked to bring 1 or 2 items that have gone unloved for sometime. After around the room introductions and inspirations

My items were:

1. An x-large “Kale” t-shirt

2. Three animal print blouses

3. A pair of white denim jeans

I couldn’t bring just two!



Three shirts, 1 Style.

My fav of the day was my reconstructed denim pants. I bought these for $4 at a closing out sale when I was a size 14. Years and some pounds later I could not let go of this perfect white denim so.. I flipped them upside down and made a cute off the shoulder denim top. Even impressed Ms. Bridgette.

For all my DIY lovers or those who aren’t quite ready to let go of that special piece, this class will provide an exciting new insight on remixing your wardrobe and reducing textile waste to the environment!

Tell Bridgette I sent you!

Peace & Positive Vibes

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