Thrifted at the 2017 BET Awards

Whether it’s for the love of music, fashion or you were watching along with Black Twitter for  the next viral moment, all eyes were tuned into BET yesterday. During this 4 day party, BET celebrated the best in black culture with panel discussions, sponsored activations, free concerts, giveaways and more leading up to our biggest night of the year.

With it being my second year to the carpet, I knew to come prepared with an array of breathable  black pieces for the occasion and my local thrift stores helped me do just that.

Who passes up free sandwiches, fries and smoothies by the McPool?


Nike Visor: Grandma’s Closet

Black Jumper: 19.99

Fanny Pack: .99

Lace Socks: .99

Zara Velcro Kicks: 8.99

Chinese Kimono: 10.75

Striped Pants: 2.50

Clarks Sandals: 9.99

Top Shop Jumper: 19.99

Steve Madden Sandals: 12.99

Remy, Pap and I – lol

My phone blew up with tags and mentions. I even received a text that said “You famous now, D”

Peace & Positive Vibes

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