Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

I didn’t grow up with anyone that looked like me. No familiar facial features or hair patterns, no height references or body explanations lol, to be honest these weren’t always active thoughts in my mind but they were stored close by enough to creep up uninvitedly. My sense of identity relied on those things.


So after being tagged in a series of photos that even I thought were me but weren’t, I was  completely pulled in to say the least. If I could describe it, I’d say I felt a Spirit Jump.  I couldn’t deny the immediate notice of our uncanny likenesses. Intrigued, I wanted to know more.


From the distinctive beauty marks to our golden tipped locs and brown undertones to our eye for fashion… even our partners resemble! The Universe used Instagram as a vehicle to turn my life upside down, Stranger Things pun intended, just way brighter. lol Our followers continued to tag us in each others photos, stunned and lost for words! Some were even convinced that there must be some DNA relation and suggested we  have a sit down with our parents.

_DSC6771.jpgBizarre, right?

Let me take a step back, I met Nichole, entrepreneur, mother, wife, friend and my doppelgänger after a series of tags from our IG followers a couple years ago who were baffled by our resemblances. Flash forward a year later, my partner and I were on an American Airlines flight from Brooklyn, NY headed to Dallas, TX to meet my doppelgänger and her partner.


Am I crazy? Will we vibe? Should I book an Airbnb just in case things backfire?

An abundance of thoughts flooded my mind, rightfully so – above all I was excited about the adventures that were about to unfold. As soon as we touched down, we were welcomed with the most loving energy, beautiful smiles and an adorable welcome sign that would warm anyones heart.

Ever heard of love at first sight?


It was only right that the next meet-up would be for Nichole to visit the “Spread Love” borough and this time I intended to capture every priceless moment.


When the conscious visionary, gifted and renowned photographer, Spencer Ostrander heard our story, he immediately offered to be a part to sharing this with the world. If you aren’t familiar with his work, his camera has blessed the likes of politicians like President Obama, Bernie Sanders, celebrities like Mary J. Blige, numerous models and has a list of clients that include but are not limited to Teen Vogue, A&E, CNBC and even had a write up in Refinery 29 Magazine. Nichole and I couldn’t have been honored to be added to the a-list!

Location: The Historic Herbert Van King Park in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.


 “Twice the smiles, Twice the love”


Fit Change.


Two souls that finally found themselves, looking to create stories for years to come.




What an honor to expand my community with love.

Have you ever met your Doppelganger?  Do you have suggestions on where we should travel next? Please share below.

Peace & Positive Vibes!

10 thoughts on “Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

  1. This made my heart smile so big! I love you Twink always in all ways and I am so honored that you are my doppelgänger


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