My Ancestry DNA Kit & How I Really Feel!

As I type, I think its quite ironic that with all the DIY brainstorming, social media planning, sustainable fashion research, writing and editing that I’ve been doing to start this “perfect” Youtube page that the first video posted is something as intimate as my Ancestry DNA.

Life is funny that way- like “No, boo start at the beginning.” lol

I guess this is a perfect segue from my recent meeting with my doppelgänger,which many of you were fascinated about and even suggested that we both get tested to see if we were related due to the uncanny resemblances.

Truth is, I’ve always yearned for the satisfaction of knowing. Knowing the truth about who I am and the pieces of the people in the world that I’m composed of because my biologicals didn’t care enough to stay, raise me and tell the story and my grandparents didn’t know/ask enough to give a clear recollection of the story, how innocently tragic.

Unlike them, I want to know all about my ethnic makeup and my descendants so I took the leap. While I’m grateful for new genealogy research to shed light on some of my burning questions, I can’t seem to ignore my hesitancies. Click to see if you can relate.

My Heritage is my Positive Obsession.

Have any of you taken an Ancestry DNA exam or a test similar? Or do you have reflections about them you’d like to share? Let’s start a conversation down below!

Peace & Positive Vibes!

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