Look At God.

Once upon a time not long ago,  I made a shirt with a quote and got some extra dough.

( I’m sure most of my readers, rapped that line, totally my intention lol)

But that’s how it happened.


While speaking to self recently,  I said “Self, how can you make money while you sleep?” Isn’t that the ultimate dream? Pun intended.

So like most, I scoured the internet for a few weeks to find suggestions. The Penny Holder suggested two possibilities I was already very familiar with, Airbnb and selling photos to websites like Shutterstock. The Business Insider, advised buying real estate as an option but knowing the intricateness of this process, from personal experience, it didn’t exactly scream the kind of “passive” I envisioned. I left it alone.

IMG_5643Couple weeks later, there were a series of events that happened over 2-3 days that my spirit couldn’t ignore. Movements and shifts in my life and career, things manifesting around me, for me and through me. Not only did I find myself saying, “Look At God” more often but I also heard it everywhere I went.  During my NYC rush hour commute overhearing conversations, at work listening to laughing co-workers, as I experience the Bed Sty foot traffic out my window, I even “stumbled” across a South African performer, Toya Delazy’s newly released song, “Look At God.” So I made a shirt!

The message was clear.  IMG_5662

“Look At God,” for me is an acknowledgement of the continuous ways God comes through right in the nick of time for me. I’m talking about God opening/closing doorways, stairways, walkways, freeways, always, in all ways making a way.

IMG_5674Can I get an Amen? Ase?

I was further moved when my customers shared, that for them the shirt acted as a reminder to simply do as the shirt said: look at God. A call / reminder to be still and just look at the wonders of the Universe happening around and flowing through us daily.


God is my Positive Obsession.

Like the beautifully, insightful and wise director/ producer Issa Rae, advised “For 2018,   you should mind your business, if you don’t have one you should get one.”

IMG_5674 2

Begin to look about the things that you want, go after it, trust in self and know when it’s time to listen and allow the Universe to do her thing!

What are you going after this year?

Peace & Positive Vibes!

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