“Opened the door and there they stood

The loves I hadn’t called

With mindfulness, saw their need for my attention”

( I’ve been writing in Haikus lately. lol)

This was my experience a few mornings ago, when I open my closet. So many delicious colors, styles and fabrics, I’ve thrifted from all over the U.S. There are pieces I adore so much I wear them intimately at home and when I go out or others that are a guaranteed wear during a certain season of the year but sucky to admit, there were quite a few garments that I have never worn.  Tags intact, on some and I’d been saving others for the “perfect fit”- is what I told myself. Excitement about clothing shouldn’t just come from shopping for it or housing it until but in the ways you recreate it over time.

I decided to dedicate 2018 live from my enough and loving the abundance that already exists in my wardrobe. Textile waste is second to oil in the United States and consumers have a role in Updating and modernizing old garments is one take on it. Buying nothing for the entire year and getting back to my sewing machine upped the game

Outfits Details: Thrifted/ swapped entire outfit for under $20.

People have already asked me ” if I think I will make it through my response to them and everyone thinking the same is if I have to go shopping every time there’s an event to attend I don’t have the right things in my closet to begin with.

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