7 Must Watch Documentaries on Sustainability in 2019

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” I’m unsure if Maya Angelou was specifically referring to sustainable living or environmental consciousness but the lesson here is to empower yourself with knowledge…then be the change. These seven documentaries will be the catalysts. I promise!

1. True Cost

You’ll be changed by this 2015 documentary, directed by Andrew Morgan, “The True Cost.” It takes it’s viewer through the story of who actually pays the price for cheap clothing. (Netflix)

2. Minimalism

Does owning only 51 items sound unbelievable? This documentary, Directed by Matt D’Avella, focuses on wasteful consumer trends and how to live a more abundant life with less. (Netflix)

3. The Machinists

Three female Bangladeshi garment workers take us through the trade union in Dhaka and the human cost of western high street fashion. Directed by Hannan Majid and Richard York. Prepare your spirits. (Youtube)

4. Blood In The Mobile

Our demand for cellphones has caused a war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Who would have known? This Frank Piasecki Poulsen documentary shed light on the dark side of our mobile devices. Still shocked! (Youtube)

5. A Plastic Ocean

Explorers Craig Leeson and Tanya Streeter and a team of international scientists reveal the causes and consequences of plastic pollution. This one will hurt! (Netflix)

6. Inside Man: United States of Trash

Ever wondered where your garbage bags went? This 40 minute jam packed episode of Inside Man follows the life cycle of our trash from sidewalk to landfill. https://archive.org/details/InsideManS03E06UnitedStatesofTrash

7. More Than Honey

This 2012 Swiss documentary film directed by Markus Imhoof is about the world’s declining bee population and what it may mean for modern society. UnBEElievable. ( Youtube, Amazon)

Which will you watch first? Share below & Follow Us.

Peace & Positive Vibes

2 thoughts on “7 Must Watch Documentaries on Sustainability in 2019

  1. I wold first watch the film on ‘Minimalism’.. However, it is difficult to decide which one would be the first. I would watch them all in one seating.


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