Thrifting in the City

With New York City seemingly flooded with vintage boutiques, consignment shops ¬†and thrift stores, Everyone always asks, "Where do you get your threads?" Check out my top 10 "go-to" list when thrifting in NYC! 1. Housing Works- Buy The Bag- Park Slope, Brooklyn Everything you can fit into a bag for 25 bucks! Once I … Continue reading Thrifting in the City

Essie Golden’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

" We have not because we ASK NOT" Essie Golden a body conscious advocate, blogger, model and curator of #GoldenConfidence is a woman that I followed on Instagram for many months before I ¬†mustered up the confidence (no pun intended lol ) to just contact her. Whats the worst that can happen, Right? I saw … Continue reading Essie Golden’s Ugly Sweater Holiday Party