Upcycle Obsession: Denim DIY

Hey Community, There is a lot you can do with a pre-loved pair of jeans! Denim is such a universal and sturdy fabric that can be used for so many things, that I just can’t understand why anyone would toss. See the video below to one of my favorite ways to refashion jeans.   Materials … Continue reading Upcycle Obsession: Denim DIY

Clothes Caption Ep:1

Hi Community, Please check out our new digital series called "Clothes Caption". Clothes Caption are monthly conversation pieces focusing on connecting culture, clothes, and community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e-err9AWbQ&t=4s Share your guest suggestions and let us know your thoughts. Peace & Positive Vibes

Oversized Sweaters & Box Heels

I'll take any opportunity to throw on an oversized sweater! Staying warm and comfortable especially when heading to Saturday brunch are the most important factors for me. Donnatella Sweater: 6.99 No Tag Bottom: 1.89 Bettye Muller Kitchy Calf hair Pumps: 2.47 Clutch: 1.75 Peace & Positive Vibes

Houndstooth for Brunch

Weather in NYC has me as confused as a tourist navigating the transit system. A sunny 75 degree morning, promising of a distressed denim look and outdoor brunch date kinda day can quickly turn into an overcast and gloomy 30 degree evening that you can't imagine being outside in. So to always be prepared fro … Continue reading Houndstooth for Brunch

Reconstruct with Fashion Institute of Technology: Born Again Vintage

Ever find yourself in front of your very full closet and can not find a thing to wear? Or are you in search of new ways to wear what you already have? Author of 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent, and Recycle Your Wardrobe and Founder of Born Again Vintage, Bridgette Artiste invited me to a two day … Continue reading Reconstruct with Fashion Institute of Technology: Born Again Vintage

Thrift-ED: 4 Ways to Shop Ethically

1. Thrift It- The freedoms of creativity live right here on the endless racks of pre-loved pieces. By shopping secondhand you are making an environmentally conscious decision to save money and reduce apparel production/ waste. Who doesn't love a fun thrift trip? 2. DIY It-  Take a sewing class or binge watch Youtube, how ever … Continue reading Thrift-ED: 4 Ways to Shop Ethically

Vintage Crawl with Pink Vintage Heart

Thrifting in Brooklyn is always a treat! This weekend, I took on Williamsburg, attending a Vintage Crawl with Leigh of Pink Vintage Heart. With her keen eye for vintage and her love of bringing people together, Leigh led myself and 4 other vintage lovers to 6 vintage shops all walking distance from each other... How … Continue reading Vintage Crawl with Pink Vintage Heart

Thrifting in the City

With New York City seemingly flooded with vintage boutiques, consignment shops  and thrift stores, Everyone always asks, "Where do you get your threads?" Check out my top 10 "go-to" list when thrifting in NYC! 1. Housing Works- Buy The Bag- Park Slope, Brooklyn Everything you can fit into a bag for 25 bucks! Once I … Continue reading Thrifting in the City

Environmental Obsession: Textile Waste

“There are nowhere near enough people in America to absorb the mountains of castoffs, even if they were given away.” says Pietra Rivoli, a professor of international business at the McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University.  Annual Textile Waste by decade. She writes that each year Americans purchase approximately 1 billion garments made in China, … Continue reading Environmental Obsession: Textile Waste

Unplugged in Paradise: Dominican Tree House Village

I traveled to Samana, D.R.  to stay in the Tropical Jungle... wait for it-  in a TREEHOUSE! Always searching for an opportunity to unplug and unwind, I was elated when I stumbled upon this gem on LivingSocial- I immediately booked. After a scenic 3 hour drive filled with mountains, wildlife and earth showers from Santa Domingo to Samana, … Continue reading Unplugged in Paradise: Dominican Tree House Village