D.I.Y. Obsession: How To Turn A Thrift Store Sweater Into A Two-Piece Set

Peace Community, Today, I’m coming at you with another Do It Yourself post. It’s that time of year where we are revamping and re-evaluating our closets in preparation for the Spring season! Maybe you’ve got a closet full of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or you have a loved item that you want to wear from … Continue reading D.I.Y. Obsession: How To Turn A Thrift Store Sweater Into A Two-Piece Set

Clothes Caption Ep:1

Hi Community, Please check out our new digital series called "Clothes Caption". Clothes Caption are monthly conversation pieces focusing on connecting culture, clothes, and community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e-err9AWbQ&t=4s Share your guest suggestions and let us know your thoughts. Peace & Positive Vibes

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

There aren't many films that I feel compelled to see opening weekend or opening day for that matter but after seeing this film twice...it will always be Wakanda Forever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIUT0Bqa5V8  Share your thoughts and reactions below! Peace & Positive Vibes

Trash Talk: Did You Know?

Hi Community, Check out my new Trash Talk video reviewing 3 shocking Fast Fashion impacts that affect our planet. https://youtu.be/KlanseVD7As?t=41 Were these new to you? Share your thoughts. Peace & Positive Vibes


"Opened the door and there they stood The loves I hadn't called With mindfulness, saw their need for my attention" ( I've been writing in Haikus lately. lol) This was my experience a few mornings ago, when I open my closet. So many delicious colors, styles and fabrics, I've thrifted from all over the U.S. … Continue reading Enough

Look At God.

Once upon a time not long ago,  I made a shirt with a quote and got some extra dough. ( I'm sure most of my readers, rapped that line, totally my intention lol) But that's how it happened. While speaking to self recently,  I said "Self, how can you make money while you sleep?" Isn't … Continue reading Look At God.

My Ancestry DNA Kit & How I Really Feel!

As I type, I think its quite ironic that with all the DIY brainstorming, social media planning, sustainable fashion research, writing and editing that I've been doing to start this "perfect" Youtube page that the first video posted is something as intimate as my Ancestry DNA. Life is funny that way- like "No, boo start … Continue reading My Ancestry DNA Kit & How I Really Feel!

Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

I didn't grow up with anyone that looked like me. No familiar facial features or hair patterns, no height references or body explanations lol, to be honest these weren't always active thoughts in my mind but they were stored close by enough to creep up uninvitedly. My sense of identity relied on those things. ~ … Continue reading Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

EMPOWE(RED): Change Agent

Last week, I returned to my love of monochromatic fashion and single-hue style. This bold and powerful fit reminds me of my purposes here- to be a conversation starter, thought provoker and change agent to combat textile waste while transforming and empowering communities with the tools to look at their clothes and their connection to … Continue reading EMPOWE(RED): Change Agent

Thrifted at the 2017 BET Awards

Whether it's for the love of music, fashion or you were watching along with Black Twitter for  the next viral moment, all eyes were tuned into BET yesterday. During this 4 day party, BET celebrated the best in black culture with panel discussions, sponsored activations, free concerts, giveaways and more leading up to our biggest night of the year. … Continue reading Thrifted at the 2017 BET Awards