Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

I didn't grow up with anyone that looked like me. No familiar facial features or hair patterns, no height references or body explanations lol, to be honest these weren't always active thoughts in my mind but they were stored close by enough to creep up uninvitedly. My sense of identity relied on those things. ~ … Continue reading Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

Unplugged in Paradise: Dominican Tree House Village

I traveled to Samana, D.R.  to stay in the Tropical Jungle... wait for it-  in a TREEHOUSE! Always searching for an opportunity to unplug and unwind, I was elated when I stumbled upon this gem on LivingSocial- I immediately booked. After a scenic 3 hour drive filled with mountains, wildlife and earth showers from Santa Domingo to Samana, … Continue reading Unplugged in Paradise: Dominican Tree House Village