7 Must Watch Documentaries on Sustainability in 2019

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." I'm unsure if Maya Angelou was specifically referring to sustainable living or environmental consciousness but the lesson here is to empower yourself with knowledge...then be the change. These seven documentaries will be the catalysts. I promise! 1. True Cost … Continue reading 7 Must Watch Documentaries on Sustainability in 2019

After You’ve Tidied Up with Marie Kondo, Where Does It All Go?

CREDIT: KONMARI MEDIA INC. Since the New Year's Day launch, the phrase "tidying up" has taken on a whole new meaning, far removed from a grueling memory of Saturday morning routines with my mom and Kirk Franklin blasting on the stereo. Based on Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, released in 2011, the new hit Netflix series, … Continue reading After You’ve Tidied Up with Marie Kondo, Where Does It All Go?

The Basics of Ethical Fashion

There is growing interest in the sustainable fashion space, especially as more and more consumers become conscious of environmental issues. While many different companies share the same overall priorities, it’s important to distinguish between different types of fashion businesses, ranging from those focusing on reoccurring subscriptions to luxury consignments. This article will cover everything you … Continue reading The Basics of Ethical Fashion

“One Dress” Challenge

Hey Community! The world now consumes 80 billion pieces of clothing each year, which is up 400% from two decades ago, and the average American throws away more than 80 pounds of clothes each year! We only wear our clothing 3 times before we consider it old and it falls to the back of our … Continue reading “One Dress” Challenge

Declutter with “Out Of The Closet” Thrift Store

Peace Community, Time for Spring Cleaning. Took roughly 5 hours to clear, evaluate and re-evaulate but after it was all done I contacted a local thrift store gem Out Of Closet.   Out Of Closet is "The Best Kept Secret" in downtown Brooklyn known for their #PinkWall and that 96¢ of every dollar collected by their stores … Continue reading Declutter with “Out Of The Closet” Thrift Store

Upcycle Obsession: Denim DIY

Hey Community, There is a lot you can do with a pre-loved pair of jeans! Denim is such a universal and sturdy fabric that can be used for so many things, that I just can’t understand why anyone would toss. See the video below to one of my favorite ways to refashion jeans.   Materials … Continue reading Upcycle Obsession: Denim DIY


"Opened the door and there they stood The loves I hadn't called With mindfulness, saw their need for my attention" ( I've been writing in Haikus lately. lol) This was my experience a few mornings ago, when I open my closet. So many delicious colors, styles and fabrics, I've thrifted from all over the U.S. … Continue reading Enough

Look At God.

Once upon a time not long ago,  I made a shirt with a quote and got some extra dough. ( I'm sure most of my readers, rapped that line, totally my intention lol) But that's how it happened. While speaking to self recently,  I said "Self, how can you make money while you sleep?" Isn't … Continue reading Look At God.

My Ancestry DNA Kit & How I Really Feel!

As I type, I think its quite ironic that with all the DIY brainstorming, social media planning, sustainable fashion research, writing and editing that I've been doing to start this "perfect" Youtube page that the first video posted is something as intimate as my Ancestry DNA. Life is funny that way- like "No, boo start … Continue reading My Ancestry DNA Kit & How I Really Feel!

Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take

I didn't grow up with anyone that looked like me. No familiar facial features or hair patterns, no height references or body explanations lol, to be honest these weren't always active thoughts in my mind but they were stored close by enough to creep up uninvitedly. My sense of identity relied on those things. ~ … Continue reading Doppelgangers: Serious Double Take